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The Way of Dreams and Visions Workshop
The Way of Dreams and Visions Workshop
The Way of Dreams & Visions (E-Book)
The Way of Dreams & Visions (E-Book)
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The Journey of Tamar - Allegory of the Prophet (E-Book)
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The Way of Dreams & Visions (MP3 CD)
Sharing Prophetic Revelation

Sharing Prophetic Revelation: 50 Do's and Don’ts
By Colette Toach

There is this misconception! If the Lord gives you a gift then you automatically know how to use it. It is like you giving a child a sword and expecting them to figure it out on their own. Sure eventually they will get the hang of it – but it's time consuming and a few lost fingers and toes along the way!

Sharing prophetic revelation falls into the same category. How many prophets receive revelation from the Lord, but fall flat in their delivery! You shared a word, it was powerful, it WAS of God…it was rejected! So why was the word rejected? Why is it no one wanted to listen to what you had to say? Could it be that it was not the word, but the way you presented it?

There are ways of sharing what the Lord has given you in a way that makes people want to listen. Just like a teacher can stand up and dish out the biggest slop and leave his hearers confused – so can the prophet also deliver a pure Word of God in a way that comes out like a garbled mess. There is more to sharing prophetic revelation than just getting revelation – although for some prophets I have seen in action – this would be a good place to start!

Here are some practical aides on "Do and Don't" to guide you along this road of sharing prophetic revelation. Be open and honest with yourself. Then tick off each of the points that you already do and underline the points you must work on. Then as the Lord shares His heart with you, pull your flesh and your soul in line and deliver His uncompromising Word as it was intended – powerful, anointed and hitting the mark.

Sharing Prophetic Revelation: The Don’ts

  1. Don't speak fast that no one can catch what you are saying.

  2. Don't stutter or fumble your words so badly that everyone has to pretend that they grasped what you said.

  3. Don't apologize for your presence or stand in insecurity – you are representing the King!

  4. Don't slouch or fidget. Stand up boldly and with confidence.

  5. Don't speak softly so that everyone has to strain to hear you.

  6. Don't walk around scruffy and not caring about your appearance. People listen to someone they trust and first impressions DO count!

  7. Don't speak from your logical mind! If it is logical – it's likely not revelation!

  8. Don't add to the original word. Never baptize what you meant to say with "Thus Saith the Lord".

  9. Don't think because you are rejected everywhere you go, "everyone else" has a problem and you are blameless.

  10. Don't stand up and deliver a word in rebellion or to prove a point. You will destroy the original revelation with bitterness.

  11. Don't speak if you feel doubt or are not sure that you heard from God.

  12. Don't share a whole list of disconnected scriptures and call it prophecy. It will not only be unanointed – but will bore the hearer!

  13. If the Lord has called you to be a prophet, do not try to act like a teacher. Just speak the word God has given you!

  14. Don't impose your ministry on others – no one wants to be harassed.

  15. Don't think that you are the only one God can use – Elisha made that mistake and felt a fool when God let Him know that he was just one in 3000!

  16. Don't dominate the meeting – give someone else a chance to share.

  17. Don't keep on talking when the anointing on you has lifted. End off and shut up!

  18. Don't keep looking at the person you are sharing with to make sure their reactions denote you are speaking what they want to hear. Speak what God wants them to hear, not what you think they want to hear.

  19. Don't share anything the Lord does not give you the go ahead to speak. Some words have timing and if you disobey the Lord in that timing they will lose their effectiveness.

  20. On the other hand do not delay when God tells you to speak. A delay could cost lives.

  21. Don't impose your will on others. If they do not want to listen and walk away, don't force yourself – the Holy Spirit never imposes His will on us and neither should you.

  22. Don't use expressions, euphemisms or slang that people of a different culture would not understand.

  23. Don't be dogmatic in sharing your revelation. If you are wrong, you will look a fool. Share with tact.

  24. NEVER pray for someone if they did not ask for ministry!

  25. Above all, never speak if the Lord has not spoken to you.

Sharing Prophetic Revelation: The Do’s

  1. Speak loudly and clearly so that everyone in the room can hear.

  2. Speak with confidence knowing, God is speaking through you and not your own ideas.

  3. Stand up straight and with boldness. You are representing the highest authority in this earth – so make sure you look like you are representing the highest authority on this earth.

  4. Keep yourself neat and make good first impressions. Once again you are representing the King. Would the President’s advisor meet you looking sloppy and unkempt?

  5. Share with zeal and with anointing – there is not a person on this earth who will not be drawn to that fire! Stand and burn and let them watch you burn!

  6. Share using simple language so that even a young child could understand.

  7. Share in pictures and in simple illustrations so that everyone will remember what you said later on. (Who remembers a prophecy - right?)

  8. If you are sharing a full prophetic teaching or message, look at your hearers in the eyes and indicate that you notice each one.

  9. If you are receiving a word for individuals or are standing to deliver a prophecy keep your eyes on the spiritual realm. Close them and concentrate on the visions and impressions the Lord is giving you.

  10. If you are delivering a prophecy, ignore the reactions and responses from those around you. Once again wrap yourself up in the spirit and receive the Word clearly.

  11. Follow the track the Lord gives you in prophecy, be sensitive to when you go off that track and when you get back on it again.

  12. If you begin fumbling or making mistakes, don't stop! Keep on going and the Holy Spirit will empower you.

  13. Speak what the Holy Spirit gives you. Even if it is a few words or a single vision. As you share what He has given you – more will come.

  14. If you see a vision for an individual share the vision with them. Do not make assumptions on its interpretation because the vision may be something they already know the interpretation for.

  15. In personal ministry ask if the person in question wants you to pray. Praying without a go ahead may cause a lashback to come on you.

  16. Share revelations of personal issues or sins in private to avoid embarrassment.

  17. Always share in love. It is that very love of Jesus that drew you in to accept Him as Lord and Savior.

  18. Share to encourage the faith of the hearer. Leave them motivated to keep on going.

  19. Share hope with the hearer – leave them with a picture and goal for the future.

  20. Submit to the authority over you. The only time you are not required to submit to man is if you stand in prophetic office and speak forth a decree under prophetic authority. Usually this is done in the privacy of your prayer closet.

  21. If the word you feel led to speak disagrees with the leadership of that group, share the word first with the leadership. If they reject it then the blood of God’s people are on their hands.

  22. Share in humility and with an open heart. Allow the Lord’s anointing to flow from you.

  23. Keep on track with what is going on in the spirit and be ready to speak when the time is right.

  24. Speak only when the Lord releases you to speak.

  25. Above all never settle for being mediocre and seek the Lord for His anointing, His authority and His revelation to speak forth His word to change the Body of Christ.

Sharing Prophetic Revelation should not be hard. By following these simple Prophetic Revelation Do and Don't steps, you will in no time be sharing your Prophetic Revelation in confidence.

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How to Share Christian Prophetic Revelation