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The Way of Dreams and Visions Workshop
The Way of Dreams and Visions Workshop
The Way of Dreams & Visions (E-Book)
The Way of Dreams & Visions (E-Book)
The Journey of Tamar  - Allegory of the Prophet (E-Book)
The Journey of Tamar - Allegory of the Prophet (E-Book)
The Way of Dreams & Visions (MP3 CD)
The Way of Dreams & Visions (MP3 CD)
Deception Checklist

How to Judge Revelation for Dreams, Visions and Prophetic Words!
By Colette Toach

Why this Deception Checklist? As a Christian, judging revelation is of the utmost important to prevent deception from leading you and other astray from the true purpose the Lord has for you.

No matter what revelation you receive or what revelation others give you to interpret, before going anywhere you must check their revelation against the following points in this Deception Checklist. If the revelation even has one of these points proceed with caution and further check the revelation against the Word.

  1. The person felt fear when they received the revelation or dream.

  2. When the revelation was shared, the person receiving was made to fear.

  3. The dream/revelation condemned and accused, thus causing the person in question to feel depressed. This kind of condemnation is NOT conviction as it does not motivate the person to action, but rather makes them withdraw and regress. (Brings death)

  4. The dream/revelation was pushy, demanding that action was taken immediately!

  5. A revelation that overrides a person’s will. Anything they do not have control of is not of the Lord as the Holy Spirit is a dove and does not override the will of man.

  6. The revelation was received through very loud words. A strong voice, a strong forceful vision or dream.

  7. Anything that veils its identity is not of God. If an angelic being appears, not showing its face and pushing the person to receive from it, then it is not of God. The Lord and His angels are always open-faced. If such a being appears it is an angel of light and should be told to leave in the name of Jesus.

  8. A revelation that brings confusion and doubt is not of the Lord. If a person is thrown into turmoil, once again regressing and not motivated to positive action, then the revelation was not of the Lord or perhaps even shared in the wrong season.

  9. If the revelation is not based on the Word. Sometimes we have just accepted certain symbols to mean certain things – but take NOTHING for granted! Check every single symbol and direction with the Word of God and see if it lines up. I recommend a good Bible concordance. If you can get one on CD for your computer, even better, because you can then look up scriptures all having the same dream symbols.

  10. Above all else discern the spirit on the revelation by the gift of discerning of spirits. If you get a knot in your stomach, feel uneasy or simply feel a ‘no no’ in the spirit, then proceed with caution. However if you feel comfortable positively motivated and a ‘yes yes’ in the spirit then the Word is of the Lord.


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Following these simple steps on this Christian Deception Checklist, will help you in Judging Revelation correctly according to the Word which is our Standard.


The Following Excerpt has been taken from The Way of Dreams and Visions Workbook. Purchase the Dreams and Visions Workbook

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